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Gain Confidence at Work. In English.

Need to improve your Business English?  You can do it.  You need a plan.  Download my five step guide and learn exactly what you need to do next.

I'm in a competitive industry where communication is everything.  In my country, people knew that I was an expert, but when I came to the US people looked a me differently because of my English.  Working with Chris made me feel like myself again.  I know that whatever problems may arise, they won't be due to my English!

Natallia Pakharenko

Building Materials Consultant

I used to dread giving weekly project management updates.  I would get so nervous about my English, and of course my fear made everything worse.  Working with Chris gave me not only skills, but confidence too.  Now I feel just as comfortable giving my updates in English as I did in Spanish!

Augusto Ze

Software Project Manager

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