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How A Developer from China Got Hired at Amazon and Changed his Life

When Hongbo first came to me, his English was a mess.  He was very smart and had amazing technical ability, but his poor English made it difficult for him to communicate.

His lack of confidence was obvious when we spoke.  He was embarrassed to take English lessons, but he had an important opportunity coming up:

An interview with Amazon in the United States.  

Like many people, he had been "learning English" for many years, but he didn't feel like he was making progress.  He still made the same mistakes again and again, and he still felt the same fear every time he explained something difficult in English.  He could pass any grammar test in the world, but he was still AFRAID TO SPEAK.

Hongbo and I had 8 weeks to prepare for his interview.  I made the plan, and he made the COMMITMENT.  He decided that no matter how he felt, he would make English his NUMBER ONE priority.

Together, we helped him get ready for the interview.  We worked on English, yes, but also on CONFIDENCE, INTERVIEW SKILLS, and PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION.

When Hongbo got hired (and moved to Seattle), I was so excited for him.  He had an opportunity and he made the most of it.  Sometimes opportunities like this only come once.   Will you be ready for yours?

I work with people who already speak English, but who need an EXTREMELY high level of confidence, fluency, and communication ability to reach their full potential.  It's a combination of Business English and advanced communication strategies, designed to make sure you get your dream job, or get the promotion you want, or move to a new country -- whatever your dream is.

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