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The best English class I’ve ever taken.

Tobias Rein

Global Account Manager, Daimler AG

Chris was a great English teacher, and he always put our lessons in a business context. I highly recommend him.

Arnaud Houel

Cloud Collaboration lead for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia, Cisco Systems

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Business English Trainer Chris Rush

My name is Chris, and I help business people all over the world get better English results. Before starting Better Business English, I worked for online schools based in Spain, Germany, and the United States. In the last three years I have given English lessons to over 1,000 students from over 100 countries.

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I felt so comfortable talking with Chris and he made me feel great about my English, more than ever before. I got his unconditional support, he showed me my mistakes, and feel my English really improved and I’m more secure and comfortable.

Maru Molina

Subdirector, ScotiaBank

It was a pleasure to have English lessons with Chris. He is always in a good mood and if I didn’t understand something, he gladly explained it in another way. What I really appreciated is that our subjects of discussions were very various and not scholastic. I learnt a lot with him!

Nathalie Gellon

Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Firmenich

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Chris is a great teacher, always smiling and always attentive. It was interesting to have various discussions about politics, social life and different cultures. And he helped me prepare for my business trip to New Olreans! I learned a lot during our lessons and it was a real pleasure to work with you!

Bruno La Torre

Quality Director, Haulotte Group

You can tell that Chris enjoys teaching and wants to make the most out of each English lesson. My English level is on a European C1 level. Chris realized very quickly that the standard material wasn’t very demanding. You could tell that it was his personal ambition to create material that would challenge me, and he was successful!  Thanks Chris for all the fun sessions!

Dinah Richter

Head of Central Settlement, Arvato Financial Solutions

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