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I'm in a competitive industry where communication is everything.  In my country, people knew that I was an expert, but when I came to the US people looked a me differently because of my English.  Working with Chris made me feel like myself again. My English doesn't hold me back.

Natallia Pakharenko

Building Materials Consultant

I used to dread giving weekly project management updates.  I would get so nervous about my English, and of course my fear made everything worse.  Working with Chris gave me not only skills, but confidence too.  Now I feel just as comfortable giving my updates in English as I did in Spanish. 

Augusto Ze

Software Project Manager

​I help non-native English speaking business professionals achieve more success by giving you tools to boost your English confidence, reduce your accent, and improve your accuracy.

"I communicate perfectly in my native language, but in English, I struggle to express myself."

Does this sound like you?

If so, you're in the right place.  All of my clients are high-level communicators and need to bring the same high level of communication to their professional lives in English. The context isn't important, whether it's meetings, a presentation, an interview, or improving communication with colleagues or clients.

If your professional life depends on your English skills, get started by downloading the action guide.


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